Council ‘could save up to £300k on street lighting costs’

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NORTH Lanarkshire Council is to examine the possibility of co-operation with a new lighting consultancy which could save the local authority money.

LED (Light and Energy Designs) are a new consultancy from MacLean Electrical, based at the company’s head office in Cumbernauld.

The group reckons some local authorities could save up to £300,000 each a year on street lighting through a review of current practices and implementing recommended cost-efficient changes.

Against the backdrop of North Lanarkshire Council having to make £55 million worth of cuts, the prospect of saving money is certain to come as welcome news to both the council and the residents it serves.

Graham MacKay, head of roads and transportation with NLC, said: “Since 2009 the council has been implementing improvements and efficiencies in the provision of our street lighting, which has resulted in energy and maintenance savings.”

He added: “We welcome any advance in innovation and technology which can make street lighting much more efficient and cost effective.”