Council takes part in Twitter day

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NORTH Lanarkshire Council is embracing technology with a special Twitter day.

The local authority is to utilise the micro-blogging site by taking part in a “what we do” day where councils will “Tweet” about their daily work for 24 hours.

The event uis set to take place between noon tomorrow (Tuesday) until noon the next day.

Twitter allows users to post updates of 140 characters, like a smaller version of Facebook.

The site has become the new favourite toy of celebrities but has become a valuable tool for news outlets and quick updates.

The initiative is designed to give users, and non-users, a behind-the-scenes style look at a council’s day-to-day business to give residents a better understanding of how they work.

Councillor Jim McCabe, leader of North Lanarkshire Council, said: “Councils provide literally hundreds of services around the clock, 365 days a year, and this event will give service users a chance to see one day in the life of a council.

“We face challenging financial times but it’s important that people understand the kinds of services we provide even faced with those challenges. It’s very easy for people to focus only on the services they directly receive but there are so many more.

“Residents may also be surprised at the extent of our services and by the commitment which so many council employees demonstrate every working day.”

North Lanarkshire Council currently has around 3500 followers on the site and the authority is hoping that more will take heed of the day and join in.

The News and Chronicle also has our own Twitter account at, where we provide daily internet updates about stories we are covering, local events and internet links to relevant travel, news and sport for the area.

To take part in the “what we do” day and for further information, simply go to, or if you are already a user, search the #tag: #whatwedo.