Councillor was social worker for Lockerbie bomber

Megrahi with security officers in Tripoli, 1992
Megrahi with security officers in Tripoli, 1992

WHEN the man known across the globe as the Lockerbie Bomber breathed his last at the weekend, one local man had particular cause for reflection.

North Lanarkshire councillor Bob Chadha was appointed as social worker to Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi at Greenock Prison when the Libyan was sentenced to life after 243 Pan Am passengers and 16 crew lost their lives in the skies over Lockerbie on December 21 1988. A further 11 locals died on the ground.

The former prisoner was buried in the Libyan capital of Tripoli on Monday - but Councillor Chadha, who has since retired as a social worker, clearly does not believe that this is the end of the matter.

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