Countdown’s on for Cumbernauld’s big 10k

Our Martin ponders over choice of trainers for his fund-raising run
Our Martin ponders over choice of trainers for his fund-raising run

We’re only three weeks away from the Cumbernauld 10K and I’m really feeling the pressure.

On Thursday of last week the good folks at Yorkhill Hospital sent me through my sponsor forms and running vest and the gravity of the situation really hit home.

I was struggling enough as it is to get in the appropriate physical condition to actually run a 10K, but now that I’m running a 10K to raise money for sick children who need help getting better, the funny aspect has sort of disappeared.

However, rather than wilting under the pressure I’ve decided to try and use it as motivation.

I feel like I’ve not had a great amount of time to prepare for this run and you only realise how hard it is to actually get to the gym five nights a week, as training advises you to, once you try and do it.

Changing my diet to improve my stamina and over all fitness has also been a struggle as it’s almost impossible to either cook or buy pasta for lunch every day when you are trying to watch the pennies and when you are busy most nights.

However, all of that becomes trivial and trite when you consider the lives and experiences of the children at Yorkhill and the staff who have dedicated their own lives to helping those of others.

Perspective is an important concept in life and although I’m only running a 10K, with the right perspective it is actually so much more.

It is an opportunity for me to use my abilities to help others and it is also an opportunity for me to complete my own challenge.

The staff here at the News and Chronicle have been very supportive in a number of ways, such as humiliating me on the company intranet and asking me how many days it’s going to take me to finish the race.

However, I have vowed to prove them all wrong by putting Rocky to shame at the gym and trying to raise as much as I can for Yorkhill.

nNext week: My final update.