Couples celebrate 50 years of marriage

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Lanarkshire couples who reached 50 years of marriage celebrated the milestone at annual reception organised by county councils.

The annual Golden Wedding Anniversary reception was held in Motherwell Concert Hall recently, attracting 125 couples who married in 1963.

Provost Jim Robertson said: “This is one of the most enjoyable events in our civic calendar and I know many new friendships are made at the event each year.

“To reach a half century of marriage is a remarkable achievement and I congratulate each and every couple on the commitment and dedication you have shown to one another.”

South Lanarkshire Provost Eileen Logan, added: “Fifty years of marriage is a tremendous achievement. Therefore it is only fitting North and South Lanarkshire get together to throw a party in their honour.

“This party is a small token of our appreciation to mark the last 50 remarkable years of your lives together - and long may they continue.”

Key events 50 years ago when the couples were married -

John F Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald and two days later, Lee Harvey Oswald shot by Dallas nightclub owner, Jack Ruby.

National Service ended that year, the Beeching Report on the railway system was published and the Great Train Robbery took place. Pope Paul VI succeeded Pope John XXIII and Alex Douglas-Home became Prime Minister.