Crime does pay for Kilsyth’s Matt

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A Kilsyth writer who penned a crime novel on his way to work from Croy station has done it again

Matt Bendoris is well known as chief feature writer at the Scottish Sun in Glasgow

Yet his first book Killing With Confidence showed that his skills do not end at reporting.

And his fans will be pleased to learn that he’ll be launching a new book.

This will take place on Thursday, July 30 at Waterstones in Argyle Street at 7pm.

It will also fellow crime writer Michael J Malone.

Called DM for Murder, it features a deranged killer who brutally guns down a world-famous celebrity

He then starts taunting the police and reporters on his tail via Twitter.

Matt who is married to community nurse Amanda and has two children Andrew (11) and Brooke (9) said he had a very particular aim in mind with the book.

He said: “I wanted to bring the crime novel bang up to date.

“In 2015, we all have multiple devices . Phones, tablets, e-readers, you name it. And social media is king.

“I thought it’d be really interesting to write a thriller that truly reflected this digital era we’re living in and actually make it integral to the plot.

“And I don’t think it gets any more digital than a Twitter murder, written on my iPhone during the morning commute!’’

And at time of going to press it emerged that the book has been shortlisted for a Bloody Scotland Crime Award.

The awards ceremony marks the finale of a Stirling -based crime writing event which Matt knows well.

He admits however, that he wasn’t quite as well placed at last year’s event that he is now.

Matt said: “It’s amazing to think that a year ago at the last Bloody Scotland festival in Stirling, I only had a rough draft of my book and was on the look out for a publisher.’’

His pal, the aforesaid Michael J Malone suggested that he try his publisher Contraband and the rest is history.

“Now at next month’s Bloody Scotland I’m up for a top prize along the likes of Christopher Brookmyre and Ann Cleeves. It’s a pinch me moment!”

Matt’s previous writing activities have involved ghostwriting biographies including one with a local angle.

For it was Matt who worked with The Krankies to help tell their colourful life story.

This course invovled teaming up with popular comedienne Janette Krankie who hails from Queenzieburn.