Arrests made after spate of Cumbernauld and Kilsyth break-ins

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Cumbernauld Police have made two arrests in relation to a series of thefts which took place over a two-day period last month.

The arrests were made following an investigation into various break-ins which took place between Saturday, September 21 and Monday, September 23.

Homes affected were in Carrickstone , Cumbernauld Village, Kildrum and Kilsyth.

A 34-year old male was arrested after being identified with a number of different offences - including being found in a house that he was attempting to steal from.

Meanwhile a 29- year-old male was also arrested in relation to other break-ins.

Officers succeeded in tracing him in Kilsyth’s South Barrwood Road after chasing him on foot. He was found to be in possession of a knife which he attempted to discard prior to his arrest. His arrest relates to this andseveral sneak in thefts in the Kilsyth and Cumbernauld area as well as the theft of a car.

Both men have since appeared in court .

Police have thanked the public for their assistance but have also urged householders to be vigilant on the matter of home security.

Communities Inspector Neil MacLeod said: “Whilst I hope it offers some reassurance to the public that both these males have been arrested and the disposal at court will be closely monitored by police I would remind local residents of the importance of home security.

“The majority of the crimes allegedly committed by the arrested males involved access being gained to insecure properties, be it unlocked doors or open windows.

“I would urge all local residents to get in a habit of doing a check of your security in particular before retiring to bed for the night.

“Security lighting and CCTV is a proven deterrent. No housebreakers like to be highly visible and they certainly don’t like their actions to be captured by CCTV.

“I would also like to thank local residents who have come forward with CCTV images and descriptions of suspects which has led to the arrest of these individuals.

“The enquiry continues by police to attempt to establish if these males can be linked to other outstanding similar crimes in our area.

“ If anyone has any information on any housebreaking activity or sees anything suspicious I would urge them to make police aware through the normal channels.”