Car damage at Asda traced back to primary school in Cumbernauld

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A recent spate of vandalism in Asda car park was traced back to two 11-year-old boys after their image was caught on CCTV.

Police have confirmed that the children were easily identifiable after one of the boys was still wearing part of his school uniform.

Officers confirmed that they positively identified that uniform from a badge worn on a piece of clothing worn by one of the boys.

They visited the school in question on Monday, August 31 with the footage and explained that the pair were at the centre of a police investigation.

Teachers learned that the boys allegedly targeted vehicles by chipping away at paintwork and throwing stones. It is also claimed that the boys caused vandalism to the store itself.

After watching the tape, staff provided a positive identification of the boys and police visited their homes hours after school to arrest them.

Police expect that news of this arrest could provide an explanation for shoppers who have been unable to explain recent damage to their cars.

A report on the two has been sent to the Childrens’ Panel.