Cumbernauld arrest after drink bought for underagers

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A teenager who is legally entitled to drink allegedly bought alcohol for youngsters who are not and has been arrested as a result.

Police confirmed that an 18-year-old male came to the attention of police who are currently engaged in get-tough measures on so-called ‘proxy purchasing’ across Lanarkshire.

The incident took place in Westfield Drive at 4.45pm on Saturday.

A group of underage tipplers thought that the older male could pave the way for a drinking session by buying their ‘carry-out’ single-handedly - but police stepped in after he had done so. He was then arrested.

Now the male could face a fine of up to £5000, three months in prison or both.

Inspector Phil Rose has linked a high number of alleged youth crimes to alcohol in recent months- particularly in the better weather during school holidays.

This was a strong trend in Craigmarloch over the Easter holidays for example.

He said:“Existing initiatives have reduced the number of direct sales to under-18s but many young people however will access alcohol by other means and this includes involving adults.

“I am delighted by the good work by the officers in Cumbernauld.

“ The reduction in alcohol access to the under 18s has a positive effect on reducing crime, anti-social behaviour and subsequently the number of hospital admissions.”