Cumbernauld cannabis farm swoops

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Cumbernauld’s most senior police officer has warned of the hazards of cannabis cultivation following two raids on homes last week.

Inspector Phil Rose confirmed that properties in Greenrigg Road and Beechwood Road were searched after a warrant was obtained.

At the first address, drugs with a street value of £24,000 were recovered, in the form of 60 cannabis plants.

A 23-year-old man was cautioned and charged with the cultivation of cannabis and the theft of electricity.

This was an allegedly fraudulent means to generate high levels of heat needed for the plants to grow.

Officers found 34 cannabis plants in the Beechwood Road premises – and discovered again that the electricity had been tampered with.

Enquiries are ongoing to trace the subject.

Inspector Rose said: “These recoveries follow on from a number of cultivations throughout the year across Cumbernauld and Kilsyth.

“We are working pro-actively to rid communities of drugs and will take swift action on information passed onto us,”

Inspector Rose said neighbours should be on the lookout for permanently blocked out windows, visits to the home at unusual times and the removal of plant by-product in black bin bags.

The noise of cooling fans and a pungent smell from an air vent are also telltale signs that cannabis is being grown.

So too is the lack of any particular tenant seen to be living in any house which is being used for these purposes.