Cumbernauld golly racism row

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A Cumbernauld family says they are furious and horrified to have discovered the sale of enamel golly badges through a local website.

The site,, is operated by Nick French and Karen McMillan as a spin-off from their main business at Carbrain Industrial Estate.

Blackwood resident Andrea Olukotun stumbled across the site while looking for party balloons. Gollystuff is connected with another venture providing this service.

She said: “I had thought these vile, sickening items were relegated to the annals of racist history and cannot believe they are being sold in our town. My husband and three children who are black are acutely offended and deeply, thoroughly hurt by this.”

Husband Jide (38) added: “I was shocked to find these items on sale in this day and age. Let us be clear that these are not innocent toys.

“This imagery has been used to denigrate people who look like me for centuries. The effects of these images go a long way and last for years and years.”

The badges are memorabilia depicting the once-popular mascot of Scottish jam brand Robertson’s, who appeared on their branding for almost a century before being dropped in 2002.

Nick French claims this dispute is nothing new and the Olukotun family and their friends have been abusing himself and Karen McMillan on social media for around two years.

“I will be speaking to the police about this stalking and harassment,” he said. “This one family has been targeting us and there is a commercial element to it as they have a friend who also sells balloons. We refuse to rise to their nonsense.

“These products are just small knick-knacks you can find in antique shops.

“It is a very small part of our overall business which we’ve been running for about five years.

“There is absolutely no racist intent, we have racially diverse relatives who are absolutely appalled by the treatment we are getting.

“We have only had complaints from this one family.”