Cumbernauld McDonalds was help point for assault victim

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Violence that flared up in Carbrain saw a man with facial injuries burst into the Cumbernauld branch of McDonald’s in a quest to find help.

Police are now investigating an incident which is believed to have originated in the Glenhove Road and Torbrex area of Carbrain between 8pm and 9.30pm last Wednesday (October 30)

Diners were stunned when a 27-year-old man entered the premises bloodied and battered at 9.55pm and quick-thinking staff rallied to his aid.

Police were quickly called and an ambulance was summoned to take the victim to Monklands Hospital.

The man was treated for facial injuries and has since been discharged.

It emerged days later that another man (24), required hospital treatment following the alleged attack - and he too has since been released.

Both alleged incidents fall into the category of common assault.

Nobody from McDonalds was available for comment but police were more forthcoming.

Communities inspector Neil MacLeod said: “Officers are now seeking out any witnesses who may have been aware of any disturbances perhaps within a home address at Glenhove Road or on that street - or on Torbrex Road.”

Meanwhile, in an unrelated incident details have emerged of another alleged act of violence nearby - which is currently raising more questions than answers.

Police were tipped off that a 14-year-old boy had been assaulted at 2.25am on Sunday (November 3 ) amid reports of a disturbance in Seafar.

Officers were unclear whether the incident had taken place while the boy walked along Fleming Road as there was some suggestion too that it may have happened during some sort of altercation within a house in the same street.

The young victim also required hospital treatment for a gash to his head. Police confirmed that the boy also sustained a broken wrist in the incident, but said they were not in a position to reveal any further details at this stage.

Communities Inspector MacLeod stated: “Police are continuing to attempt to engage with the victim and his family to establish any possible motive and indeed who is responsible.”

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact police on 101 quoting reference number NC00341119.