Cumbernauld officer honoured for bravery

PC Scott Douglas
PC Scott Douglas

A police officer from Cumbernauld who prevented a woman from jumping off a bridge, has won a Scottish Police Federation Bravery Award.

PC Scott Douglas was off duty and driving towards the bridge that crossed the M80 at Condorrat in Cumbernauld when he saw a commotion on the road ahead.

A distressed female who had climbed over the barrier intent on jumping onto the motorway below was being restrained by a bystander.

PC Douglas approached the woman, who was visibly distressed, agitated and shouting. He managed to pull her to safety where he tried to calm and comfort her.

PC Douglas had to restrain her before further assistance arrived and took the woman into care.

He explained: “If she’d jumped off the bridge she’d have died, there’s no doubt about it. It’s one of the major arteries to the north of Scotland, through Cumbernauld, onto Stirling.

“It was a busy morning and the traffic was horrendous on the road. Not only would she have died, but there might have been a major crash on the motorway as well.

“I took a hold of her but there was nothing stopping this girl, she was determined to get off the bridge.

“Although I was bigger than her, sometimes when mental health issues are involved, their strength becomes two-fold. So I held her in what I can only describe as a bear hug, until such time as back-up arrived from the local police office.”

Andrea MacDonald, chair of the Scottish Police Federation, said: “There is no doubt that had PC Douglas not stepped in, the lady involved would not be here today.”