Cumbernauld police warn of fraudster callers after four figure sum taken over the phone

Cumbernauld police have warned that a con-artist claiming to represent them has persuaded a local resident to part with a four figure sum -to “resolve” an allegation that a crime had been committed.

Friday, 14th May 2021, 11:27 am
Police car

And officers stress that it wasn’t a one-off either – amidst reports that plausible-sounding callers are posing as police to extract cash, chiefly from vulnerable elderly people.

Communities inspector Neil MacLeod made a point of getting in touch with the Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle last week as his concerns mount about this form of fraud.

He explained: “One of the more apparent spikes in criminality we've seen since COVID restrictions have come into force is around the amount of reported frauds committed online or over the phone.

"We've had numerous reports of people receiving e-mails from addresses purporting to be the likes of TV licensing or utility companies requesting funds for monies owed and to carry this out online by accessing a link included in the e-mail. Any such e-mails are bogus and should simply be deleted.

"Many of these e-mails originate from abroad and cross border enquiries are ongoing.

“More recently -and worryingly, we've seen reports of people in our local community receiving telephone calls from cloned numbers including phone numbers utilised by Police Scotland.

"On one recent occasion someone was defrauded of a four figure sum of money after being convinced that it was police who had phoned them and required immediate payment of money to resolve an allegation of money laundering.

"I wish to take the time to confirm police would never make such a request and certainly not via either telephone or by e-mail.

"Anyone receiving a call, even when the telephone number appears legitimate, where requests are made to transfer or pay money should disregard this request and not engage.

"Anyone with any concerns or who wishes to report any fraudulent activity should call 101.

Police are particularly keen that this is done as the crimes often go unreported because of the embarrassment factor on the part of the victim. This means that the con simply continues.