Cumbernauld’s £28K drugs haul

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Police have confirmed that they have discovered another cannabis farm at an address in Carbrain - after they received a tip-off.

Officers with a search warrant gained access to a flat in Millcroft Road on Thursday, March 16 at 6.15pm.

They found a cannabis cultivation of 72 plants in total - worth £28,000.

It is alleged that the culprit bypassed the meter, in a bid to crank up the temperatures needed to make the plant grow.

Enquiries into the incident are ongoing into this incident.

Last month, Cumbernauld’s most senior policeman Inspector Phil Rose warned readers to look out for blacked out windows, visits to homes at unusual times and the removal of by product in black bin bags.

He said: “We are working pro-actively to rid communities of drugs and will take swift action on information passed onto us.”