Dog owners will be red-carded for foul play on top pitch

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Cumbernauld’s most senior policeman has warned that officers will be taking drastic action against couldn’t-care-less pet owners.

Chief Inspector David Bruce has launched an immediate crackdown on dog walkers who refuse time and time to clear up after their dogs.

And he’s revealed the hot spots where robust fines will come into play, for those who fail to heed his warning.

Last year we reported that Broadwood Loch had one of the highest rates of offending across North Lanarkshire and this treasured ‘green lung’ remains on the list.

However, it has also emerged that not even the town’s new 3G pitches in Oak Road are safe, as dog walkers converge on space earmarked for sport.

CI Bruce said: “One of the most frequent complaints received of the police is the actions of those who fail to clean up their dogs or exercise them in inappropriate areas.

“ Dog fouling is unsightly and unpleasant but laws to prevent it exist because it is unhygienic and a health hazard.

“Far more dogs than people may imagine are not being treated with de-worming medication and the mess left by dogs can lead to toxocariasis with children being particularly vulnerable.’’

And he is particularly concerned for the young football hopefuls who use the pitch in question.

CI Bruce said: “I’m disappointed by the reports that some groups of owners are routinely exercising their dogs in all weathers on these pitches.

“They do so in the full knowledge that the surface is regularly used by footballers, and in defiance of clear signage prohibiting the practice.

“Even if the mess is picked up the dogs will still urinate and the owners are acting irresponsibly. There are many other options I can only presume that owners have an aversion to dogs having muddy feet.

“So, we’ll be having a short period of enforcement,’’ he added.