Heartless thief robbed Cumbernauld garden twice

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A Cumbernauld mum who took pleasure in planting blooms with her autistic son and his sister has fallen prey to a double theft.

Samantha Ghosh of Glenhove Road was shocked to see how some of their handiwork was uprooted by a heartless thief who targeted their front garden.

The incident took place in Glenhove Road on Sunday, July 2 when Samantha and the children had gone out after 2pm.

Horrified, she reported the matter to the police on her return at 8pm.

Now Samantha says that the rest of the plants were taken away later that evening when she was still in the house.

She said: “Who would actually do this? My son had really enjoyed putting in the plants and was very confused and upset to find out they had been stolen.

“Cumbernauld is so very bad for crime now - we had our house broken into two years ago as we slept. You can’t have anything nice now.”

Police say that the matter is being investigated and crime prevention advice has been provided.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact police on 101.