Help us beat callous thugs

The children's learning garden has been trashed.
The children's learning garden has been trashed.

Staff at one of Cumbernauld’s most cherished causes are appealing for public support to help them defeat a wave of sick vandalism attacks.

The Craighalbert Centre for children with motor impairment has been regularly targeted by thugs whose only motive has been to destroy children’s play equipment.

Most recently they have destroyed the children’s outdoor learning garden – a calculated act of hate that has left staff, parents and supporters disgusted and baffled at how anyone could stoop so low.

Anne Taylor said: “This space was developed through charitable donations and opened in 2009.

“Since then this area has been well used by our boys and girls in all weathers and we are devastated that it has been destroyed.”

Police are fully involved in the effort to stop the attacks, but Craighalbert administrator is also asking the centre’s many supporters to spread the word that mindless vandals are causing havoc.

She said: “The damage they are causing is to outdoor equipment, things that children enjoy.

“To do what they have done would take considerable strength and effort –all to spoil things for the children.”

She added: “The support from the police has been first class, but we’re asking all of the many local supporters of Craighalbert to rally round too.

“The problem is that we’re not in a location that people drive past, so we want to raise awareness that there has been a problem, and do everything we can do make sure it never happens again.”

Recent damage to outdoor equipment is reckoned set to cause around £1,000 to put right, but local companies have volunteered both cash and labour.

More concerning is the effect the attacks could have on the children, but while it would normally have been in use even in winter the staff have been able to use indoor preparations as a distraction to protect the children.

Anyone who would like to help fund the cost of repairing the latest damage can donate at and supporters can also help by buying and sending Craighalbert Christmas cards, now on sale.

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