Inquiry’s focus now turns to former Cumbernauld home

Lady Smith is chairing the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry. Pic: Jeff Holmes
Lady Smith is chairing the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry. Pic: Jeff Holmes

A former children’s home in Cumbernauld is set to come under scrutiny as part of a large-scale inquiry into allegations of child abuse.

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, which is meeting in Edinburgh and chaired by Lady Anne Smith, is trying to establish the extent of mistreatment suffered by children in care in years gone.

Later It is due to hear evidence relating to five Aberlour homes later this year including Aberlour Childcare Trust which was located in McGregor Road, Seafar.

Aberlour has existed for more than 140 years since the founding of its first orphanage in Moray in 1875 and used a large institutional model until the 1960s.

Under the wardenship of the Rev C W Leslie the charity changed direction in 1962 and developed 14 small houses in towns across Scotland, including the one in McGregor Road, to provide more ‘homely’ accommodation.

The Seafar home no longer exists and Aberlour doesn’t operate any residential facilities within Lanarkshire nowadays.

A spokesperson for the inquiry said: “The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry wants to ensure that all available evidence is gathered.

“Investigations are on-going, with evidence being taken from survivors and other witnesses who can provide valuable information, as well as gathering a wide range of documentary evidence.

“We have been pleased with the response to date, but as the investigation progresses, we would actively encourage anyone who has relevant information to get in touch.”

Former residents or staff wishing to give evidence can call 0800 0929 300 or email