Jail for biting off bit of park guard’s ear

Security guard suffered serious injury while working at M&D's complex
Security guard suffered serious injury while working at M&D's complex

A serial offender who bit off a chunk of a security guard’s ear at M&D’s Theme Park has been jailed for 21 months.

Gary McMahon had been freed from prison only a few weeks earlier after serving nearly a year for another assault.

Hamilton Sheriff Court heard McMahon (26) attacked Stephen Docherty after being told to leave the theme park because he was drunk. The victim lost a 4cm piece of his ear. McMahon, of Columba Court, Viewpark, admitted assaulting Mr Docherty (53) in October 2015.

Defence agent Luke O’Curry said his client was unhappy at being told to leave as his uncle is a manager at M&D’s. But the solictor added: “He does not seek to put forwad a spurious defence for his behaviour which was unacceptable.”

Mr O’Curry suggested McMahon’s offending could be put down to psychiatric problems which have only recently been diagnosed. He has been getting treatment and has a full time job, and could be suitable for supervision and community service.

Sheriff Douglas Brown disagreed, saying: “It appears he is prone to significant violence and this is due to over consumption of alcohol.”

The sheriff said jail was necessary because of the serious nature of the assault and the accused’s record. He told McMahon, whose mother was in court with him: “You were highly intoxicated and are aware that abusing alcohol makes you more likely to offend.”

Sheriff Brown said the fact he was on early release and attacked a man who was only doing his job made things worse.