Jail for dealers who stashed over £160,000 worth of drugs in Cumbernauld

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A member of a drugs gang which dealt in cocaine, amphetamine and cannabis in Cumbernauld has been jailed for seven years.

Martyn Edwards (30), of Cumbernauld, who had been released just days earlier from HMP Addiewell, was snared in an undercover police operation.

Accomplices Craig McAllister (31) also from Cumbernauld and Andrew McIntyre (35) from Glenrothes were also jailed, for three years and four months and two years 11 months respectively.

McIntyre admitted involvement in amphetamine dealing while McAllister pled guilty to charges involving cocaine. Edwards admitted involvement in the supply of all three drugs.

All offences were committed in April 2016.

Judge Bill Dunlop QC told Edwards: “The evidence in this case does not indicate that this was a casual flirtation with the drugs scene.

“It was serious, sophisticated and almost industrial.

“You had also just been released from a fairly substantial sentence.”

Edwards — a former telecoms engineer — wept as he was sentenced.

Prosecutor Jim Keegan QC told the court: “Police discovered that the accused Edwards was renting two premises that they suspected he was using to further drug supplying activities.”

These were a garage in 82 Clouden Road, Cumbernauld and Ruby Roo’s at 65 Main Street in Cumbernauld Village.

Officers searching the garage found a five foot industrial press, sieves, blenders and mixing agents along with 17 blocks of cannabis resin.

In the shop were discovered blenders with traces of cocaine and a bag containing cocaine and benzocaine as well as more blocks of cannabis resin.

The High Court heard that the drugs seized had a potential street value of £162,283.

Mr Keegan said: “At the time of the offences Mr Edwards was on a home curfew between the hours of 7pm and 7am each day.

“There was a police surveillance operation and the subject of this initially was Craig McAllister, but as the inquiry progressed it focussed more on Martyn Edwards.”

The court heard that McAllister was seen arriving at the garage on April 12, 2016 and McIntyre was seen entering the shop.

McIntyre’s DNA and fingerprints were found on a Tesco bag which contained amphetamine.

Paraphernalia recovered from the garage and shop was examined had Edwards and McAllister’s fingerprints on them.