Man charged after callouts kept on coming in Cumbernauld crime spree

A 39-year-old male has been charged after partaking in a three-hour crime spree across the town last Thursday (January 21).

Tuesday, 26th January 2021, 1:13 pm

His crimes kicked off around midday when it alleged that he tried to steal a charity tin from a shop in Condorrat

It is alleged that this was in fact one of two premises in the neighbourhood he had stolen a charity tin from and the other business was also robbed of a quantity of alcohol into the bargain.

Police were quickly summoned and CCTV led to the man being identified but meanwhile another report came in of a man seen breaking into vehicles in Ravenswood’s Tiree Court.

His description matched the footage and officers rushed to this second location where they found that car windows had been smashed and goods removed from inside.

There were traces of blood on the glass, leading police to believe that suspect had hurt himself in the process but then another crime report reached them of a man who had used a taxi and not paid the fare.

The continuing search led the squad to Cumbernauld Village where a man was seen with a visible injury to his hand.

Officers moved in to arrest him but the matter did not end there after the male became threatening and abusive.

Communities Inspector Neil MacLeod confirmed: “A review of local crime resulted in the male being charged with 12 crimes, mainly of dishonesty and he was scheduled to appear in court the following day.”