Mane and tail horror for Cumbernauld Horses


A trickster who has harmed horses in a remote spot of Cumbernauld is at it again, in a move that has hit national headlines.

Last week we reported that an act of vandalism with a twist had seen the fields at Waterhead Farm targeted.

The culprit had hacked away at the manes and tails of the animals and stolen stable equipment worth £150.

Police have confirmed that they are setting up extra patrols in the area after it emerged that 15 horses in total have now been affected.

Although there is a trade in horsehair which can be used to make hair extensions, violin strings and even jewellery,officers are still at a loss to explain the incident.

Constable Davy Cumming said: ‘‘Whoever is doing this knows something about horses. These are big beasts that are affected and the person responsible has known how to handle them without getting hurt.

“I can confirm we are following a couple of positive lines of enquiry here and keeping an eye on the place,’’ he added.

Scottish SPCA Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said,“Regardless of the reasons for the attack, this is an extremely stupid thing to do. “Not only could the horses come to harm through stress or direct injury, anyone doing this could be kicked or trampled.

“If caught, they could also face prosecution.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact 101.