National campaign for bogus callers launched by police

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A national campaign aimed
at driving down doorstep crime is being launched by Police Scotland.

Beat Bogus Callers, which will run for two weeks, is the first campaign of its kind since the creation of the single service on April 1, 2013.

Radio advertising will be used to advise people against opening their door to unexpected callers set on targeting those they perceive to be vulnerable.

Booklets and posters will offer advice on the precautions to take and what people should do if they 
become suspicious.

Days of action will be held across the country including Cumbernauld, with police officers taking the time to talk to people about 
the campaign.

There will be a stall in the town centre’s Asda on Friday, September 13, from 
10.30am to 1pm.

Superintendent Andrew Allan, safer communities at Police Scotland, said: “Doorstep criminals, like bogus callers and rogue traders, are cunning, creative and often very convincing. Anyone can be fooled by these despicable con artists, but the over 60s are often 
specifically targeted.

“Doorstep crime often has a really negative impact on a victim’s quality of life, which can impact on subsequent investigations and the person’s ability to access the 
criminal justice system. Many people become 
repeat victims.

“Since April 1, 2013, there have been almost 600 reported cases of bogus callers across Scotland, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“We hope this campaign will help provide people with the confidence they need to deal with those, they don’t know, who come knocking 
at their door.”

Colin Baxter, chairman of SCOTSS (Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland) said: “By working together our respective agencies can maximise our impact on rogue traders who take advantage of the most vulnerable in our communities. Dedicated campaigns such as these are hugely important in terms of uncovering such behaviour and disrupting and deterring rogues from operating in our communities.”

Daniel Gray, Citizens Advice Scotland, added: “Citizens Advice Scotland welcomes the opportunity to support this important Police Scotland campaign.

“It complements our own work in helping people that visit our Bureaux having been victims of scamming, and in raising awareness of the 
types of scams out there in our communities.”