Police fears over Cumbernauld and Kilsyth fire raising rise

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Cumbernauld’s most senior policeman has been addressing his concerns about an alarming rise in wilful fireraising incidents in the area.

Inspector Phil Rose and his team have been investigating two car fires in Millcroft Road – one of which took place on Thursday and the second on Sunday.

The first suspect drove a red saloon car into the street around 11.22pm and left shortly afterward after a car was torched.

The second incident took place on Sunday at 3.30am after a man in a black mask with a skull pattern was seen in the area.

Although the focus has fallen on Carbrain where the incidents have been explicitly linked, the number of fires started in neighbouring Kildrum runs to three reported incidents within recent weeks.

One saw a blaze started next to a gas mains box - and it was only the quick action of a householder which stopped the incident escalating.

However, Inspector Rose believes the problem extends all the way to Kilsyth and that the public’s help is needed to catch the wilful fire raisers before they kill.

He said: “Between October 2016 and April 2017, there have been a number of wilful fire raisings in both towns.

“Due to good fortune and vigilant residents, we have been very lucky that the results of these fires have proved not to be fatal.

“Two of these fires have led to persons being evacuated from their homes.

“The locations have been spread across wards like Kildrum,Seafar and more recently within bin areas of homes as well as inside cars.

“From reports received by witnesses it would appear that the perpetrator is looking for insecure motor vehicles and will try as many vehicles through their door handles.

“I would now appeal to the good nature of the public.

“Someone will know who is involved in starting the fires.

“Have you seen them starting the fires?

“Or have they returned home with their clothes smelling of smoke?

“How would you feel if it was your property that was destroyed?

Meanwhile a spokesperson from Scottish Fire and Rescue Service added:“Fires can put lives at risk, damage property and affect businesses not to mention the environment.

“We continue to work very closely with all of our partners in communities across Scotland to raise awareness of the very real consequences of fires like these ones in this area.”