Police to continue supporting volunteer searches for Thomas Lamb

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The police commander in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth says his officers will continue assisting community-based searches for missing pensioner Thomas Lamb.

Locals in the Abronhill area have been turning out in large numbers for a series of searches which began yesterday, (Tuesday).

Despite some misgivings about the drain on police resources to support these searches, which were announced at short notice on social media, Chief Inspector David Bruce has confirmed local constables will support the local community in their efforts.

“If it continues I am going to have to find somebody to make it more organised but it takes time and resources,” he said, “We had one individual fall down an embankment yesterday and land in a burn. I’m reluctant to encourage uncontrolled searches but want to keep the community engaged and helping us.”

Thomas Lamb, 79, was last seen in Abronhill around 6.30pm on Saturday. Police and members of the community have been searching for him ever since, with specialist search teams from the emergency services very active in the area.

The community search today (Wednesday) will turn its attention to Palacerigg Country Park. Volunteers are asked to wear clothing suitable for any weather and sturdy boots or wellingtons. It is also recommended to bring a snack and something to drink along the way.

The meeting point is again St Lucy’s Church Hall in Abronhill. Volunteers are asked to gather for 2pm. Anyone with experience in the emergency services or armed forces is especially asked to join the search.