Quad bike menance in Kilsyth is tackled by police patrol

A crackdown is now underway on quad bikers who are making a nuisance of themselves at Dumbreck nature reserve in Kilsyth.

Wednesday, 30th September 2020, 1:11 pm

A number of calls from fed up members of the public in recent weeks saw police take action -after officers deployed trail bikes to patrol the area last week.

Sergeant Stephen Shanks confirmed: “This follows numerous complaints in the past few weeks in relation to the erratic and dangerous driving of quad bikers who appear to be using the location as their personal race track.

“There were no off road bikers traced at the time hoowever the officers were able to engage with several walkers and wildlife enthusiasts who were delighted to see their presence.

“If anyone has any information as to the identity of those responsible for the illegal use of biking at the location then please contact 101 .”