Safety fears prompt search for reckless off-road bikers at Kilsyth Academy and other sites

Police have opened an investigation amidst safety fears about the increased use of powerful motorised bikes in key locations in Kilsyth and Croy as weather improves.

Monday, 1st March 2021, 6:46 pm
Kilsyth Academy

Officers were contacted by concerned members of Kilsyth Community Council who have become increasingly worried about the cavalier attitude of those illegally treating areas used by the wider public as their own personal racecourse.

There are also reports that the bikers are endangering parents and youngsters on the school run – as the grounds of Kilsyth Academy is one of their favourite locations - and at least one incident where it’s claimed an innocent bystander has been driven at.

Other sites connected to this reckless conduct include Croy Hill and the football pitches in Garrell Road plus Dumbreck Marsh.

KCC chairman Bill Craik has already submitted a photograph of one rider to police after an unwelcome encounter while picking up his granddaughter at the academy last week.

He said: "We appreciate this is a difficult one for the police as the riders are very hard to identify.

"They are fully covered and there are no registrations on the bikes of course, but someone must know who these people are and we would like them to come forward.

"It is alright to say that the bikers are just having a bit of fun but in fact this causes a lot of problems and not just about safety, like the noise for example.

"These bikes have open exhausts and are noisier even than quad bikes. That noise disappears of course but the damage this causes to the ground does not and these areas have been left needing repairs.

"It’s very irresponsible and I have to say it is adults that are doing this.

"It's something that the community is taking action on. We want it to stop and that is why we decided to involve the police.”

Communities Inspector Neil MacLeod said: "The illegal use of these bikes is one we are keen to put a stop to as the dangers are obvious as well as the nuisance factor caused through the noise. Anyone with any information which may help to identify the riders of these bikes should call 101. Alternatively contact Crime stoppers on 0800 555 111 free and in confidence.”