Teenage trio broke into Eurocentral then stole from car at Holytown

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Police have confirmed that three teenagers have been charged with housebreakings at two separate locations.

It also is alleged that one of these locations was broken into more than once.

The boys - two 15-year-olds and their 16-year-old friend- were wanted in connection with no fewer than three housbreakings at Maxim Business Park at Eurocentral.

The trio were also connected to the theft from a vehcile parked at the Keir Hardie Sports Centre in Holytown.

All the incidents are alleged to have happened on the evening Tuesday, October 22.

One of the youths was traced by police at the time of these alleged offences

However but the matter did not end there - due to a discovery on his person.

For the youth in question was found to be in possession of an offensive weapon.

Local officers worked on further enquiries which led them to the identification of two remaining youths.

All three were then charged in connection with these offences.