Van thefts increase across Cumbernauld

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Police have admitted that there has been a spike in van theft after at least six vehicles were stolen from across town in little more than a week.

Abronhill has proved to be a hot spot for this type of crime which has proved to be an issue across Lanarkshire

However recent incidents involving the works vans have occurred in Seafar, Greenfaulds and Westfield

Thieves enjoy a double bonus as expensive specialist tools are often stored inside.

It has now been revealed that plainclothes officers have been deployed with uniformed officers to keep an eye out for potential thieves in the affected areas.

Yet it has been stressed that the public and the van owners themselves could have a part to play in cracking this form of crime.

A police spokesperson said: “We’d request that the owners of vans remain vigilant, perhaps enhance the security of their vehicles or remove any valuable items inside.”