Warning by Cumbernauld Police after Smithstone home owner was threatened and robbed by car thieves

The estate where the robbery took place
The estate where the robbery took place

A couple’s Christmas festivities turned into a nightmare after their home was targeted by a gang who threatened one of them, then stole their car.

Police have issued an urgent warning that householders fully secure their houses after the terrifying incident.

This took place in Smithstone’s Old Tower Road at 2.10am on Wednesday, December 30 and has left a 35-year-old female and a 39-year old male unhurt but badly shaken.

Police confirm that the male heard a noise in his home and on going downstairs to investigate, saw dark-clad males running from his property.

He gave chase, only to have the men turn round and threaten him with the heavy tools they had used to break in.

Fearing for his safety, the victim backed off, only to discover that his black Audi A7 which is worth £53,000 was being driven away by the duo.

Police say that the keys to the car were picked up in the house.

The incident is a particularly nasty example of the break-in turned car-theft which police admit is an issue across Lanarkshire

A handbag was also stolen in the raid.

A third man was spied making off in another vehicle and police have linked him to the crime

Police Constable Natalie Reid said: “We are urging people to make sure they lock and secure their homes and set alarms prior to going to bed.

“We are also reminding people to keep car keys and small valuables out of sight.’’