Croy poised to mark World Heritage Day

CROY is to take centre stage in celebrations being arranged to mark World Heritage Day in Scotland.

Thursday, 9th February 2012, 12:00 pm

The theme for the event on April 18 has been set as the year 142 AD, the date construction on the Antonine Wall began, making the village the logical choice for organisers Historic Scotland.

In the lead-up to the day, five artists of differing disciplines will take up residence at Scotland’s five World Heritage sites: Croy, New Lanark, Edinburgh Old Town, Orkney and St Kilda.

They will be charged with producing artwork depicting what each area was like in 142 AD.

The sites, along with The work of the artists, which will include sculptures, photographs, films, poetry and even music, will then be exhibited at Croy Community Centre on April 18.

Catherine Martin, centre development manager at Croy, said: “This will give us huge national publicity for the area.

“It’s going to put Croy on the map as a place to come to visit the Antonine Wall, and also promotes the wall as an attraction as well.”

Ron Greer, secretary of Roman living history society The Antonine Guard, said: “The Antonine Wall is the biggest single piece of archaeology in Scotland – that’s how important it is.

“Croy was a major garrison point on the wall.So we have a World Heritage Site passing through an area that’s gone through de-industrialisation which is looking for a new future.The potential is massive.”

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