Croy’s Joshua must have cautious approach with Atletico Madrid offer

Our guest columnist, Scotland legend and Palacerigg resident Alan Rough dishes out some good advice.

For any young boy to be approached by any senior club is amazing but with a club at this level, it’s beyond the wildest dreams of anyone. When I was 12 I didn’t even think of anything like that, I just wanted to play football with my mates in the park.

I think 12 is just too young. If Joshua is as good as they say, I think the oppportunity will still be there when he is older. There is now an elite squad of 100 young players being run by the Scottish Football Association and I am sure that he would be able to benefit from it.

At that age you need your family and your schooling and I think anyone who left to go over there at that age might find that it wasn’t really a good idea after all.