Cruisers getting cosy in Kilsyth

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Kilsythians are tiring of the constant presence of boy racers, some of whom were linked to the destruction of the Kilsyth Sports Field.

The Chronicle has received numerous complaints from residents who want police not only to catch the boy racers involved - but to crack down on the noisy antics of all drivers in modified cars in Kilsyth’s town centre.

One long-suffering resident we’ve agreed not to name said: “They speed round Kilsyth with impunity at all hours.

“Sometimes it goes on for hours but you never hear a police siren to stop them.

“They always congregate in Lidl’s car park so it would not be hard for the police to find them.”

A police spokesman said that enquiries were continuing into the pitch damage and added: “Extra attention has been given to the general area by police and we will continue to monitor the situation.’’

Meanwhile a spokesman for NL Leisure, which owns the stricken pitch, said: “We are currently assessing the extent of the repairs required.

“ We’re reviewing alternative options of football pitches available to support the local club until the pitch is repaired. We urge anyone with information to go to police.”