Crunch meeting

GET behind Cumbernauld and we’ll back you all the way.

That is the salvo sent out by a growing fighting force on the local political scene which is holding a crunch meeting on Wednesday (June 8) in Cumbernauld Village.

Cumbernauld Independent Councillors Association has told the News that it wants to seek out civic minded locals who might wish to stand against Labour and Scottish Nationalist candidates at the May 2012 elections.

The party already has one representative at Motherwell Civic Centre - Councillor Gordon Murray

But the group does not want to stop there. For CICA believes it can upset the political apple cart amidst claims that its political rivals are failing Cumbernauld.

Chairman Nick Dekker told the News that CICA’s mandate was clear.

“We remain concerned that the present party-political set up for local government representation does not serve Cumbernauld well in North Lanarkshire, There are many ongoing issues affecting Cumbernauld that are not being publicised or addressed by the political parties controlling NLC.

“We’re of the opinion that the addition of some dilligent independent councillors from Cumbernauld and from other parts of NLC would great benefit the way our local government works,” he said.

Mr Dekker, a retired civil engineer believes that the Labour Party in particular could have a lot to lose - especially as proportional representation will swing into play for the contest.

“It is quite likely that the result of the 2012 local elections will bring an end to its domination at NLC and the presence of even a handful of independent councillors will enhance Cumbernauld’s new representative clot in the new council,’’ said Mr Dekker who lives in Westerwood’s Nairn Way.

He told the News that at 73, he believes he is “too old’’ to run for office but has the time and resources to support anyone willing to throw their hat into the ring. And he had this message for anyone considering such a move.

“We will offer financial, practical and logistical support to the election campaign of any independent candidate. Anyone who may wish to stand should come to our meeting or contact me,’’ he said.

Mr Dekker can be reached on

The meeting gets underway in the Village Hall in The Wynd at 8pm.