Cumbernauld 10k training gets serious

Our man Martin looks forward to fundraising 10k attempt
Our man Martin looks forward to fundraising 10k attempt

THERE’s not much point in saying there’s only two weeks left till the 10K, because it might as well be tomorrow when it’s this close.

Thursday, September 1, represents the deadline for signing up, meaning there’s 10 days left till the big race.

So the next two weeks for me will have to consist of mostly water intake, nutrition, stamina building and attempts to hit that 10K mark.

I’ve come close so far, but I feel that a poor diet on training days has resulted in me not making it.

However, as I aim to hit my target, I am focusing my attention on food and according to North Lanarkshire Leisure, a well balanced and healthy diet should see me through without making too many changes.

NLL advise that we should eat five portions of fruit and veg each day. In General, meals should be based around breads, cereals, pastas and potatoes, which should make up one third of your diet. Choose wholegrain, wholemeal or brown varieties.

During training for the 10k, you should aim to make up about 50 per cent of your diet from these foods to gain the extra energy for training.

As well as the right diet, you also need the right clobber to run a race well and as you can see, I’m now fully kitted out.

I have my charity running vest, my full outfit and I’m ready to win the race.

Fund raising for Yorkhill Children’s Fund has been going well with family members and my fellow staff digging deep to help sick kids get better.

However, if you would also like to sponsor me, there’s all kinds of rewards you can benefit from.

You can help improve the lives of others who need support every day, and help those who provide that support.

You will also be paying money to see me run myself into the ground as I try to finish the race.

I’m not the fittest of chaps, but I’m going to try my hardest in this race and the more money I raise, the harder I’m going to try.

So, think of it this way: If you’ve liked these articles and want to help, then donate. Or if you’re sick of me moaning about pasta and having no time and you want to see me suffer, then donate...

It’s a win-win!