Cumbernauld aid worker won’t let Ukraine strife stop his mission

A local aid worker who visits Ukraine annually won’t cancel his summer trip despite the escalating strife in the country.

Jim Gillies (73) from Birch Road in Abronhill will continue to bring medical supplies via the capital of Kiev to the people living in the shadow of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

The grandfather admits that his wife Margaret isn’t happy about it but that he won’t break his habit of providing help where it is needed.

Jim said: “The way I see it is that I have been doing this trip for 28 years and I am not going to stop now.

“The truth is that the help is needed more than ever because the economy will really suffer with this.”

He admits to be greatly saddened by the scenes in Independence Square as more than 70 protestors were shot.

Jim added: “I remember being there last year watching the fountains and hearing classical music played in time to the water with young families everywhere.

“They were laughing at people dressed up in animal costumes.

“It is terrible to think of innocent protestors being fired on by thugs from hotel windows in the very same place.

“The danger won’t stop me going back though.”