Cumbernauld Airport cafe re-opens

THE café at Cumbernauld Airport has re-opened to the public following the closure of Cumbernauld Flying School.

The once-popular flying school ceased trading last month amid financial problems, leaving a trail of dissatisfied customers who had purchased vouchers for lessons that they could not redeem.

The café at the airport was joined on to the office space belonging to the school and it too became out of bounds after the doors of the premises were chained shut and the lights switched off.

Now, however, the cafe has been renovated and re-opened, doubling in size, and with a new menu on offer it is ready to welcome customers back.

Allan Falconer at Leading Edge flying school, also based at the airport, said: “We’ve opened up the whole area, the café is twice as big as it was before and it is now open again. Previously I think people felt they were encroaching on the Flying School’s space because it was close to their office, but it is open to everyone, whether it be for social purposes or business.”

Allan added: “We want people to come along, try it out and tell us what they think. It’s a good excuse to come and see the airport!”