Cumbernauld and Kilsyth couples mark golden anniversaries

MORE than 150 couples from across Lanarkshire had a ball at the Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations which is jointly run by North and South Lanarkshire councils every year.

Hosted by South Lanarkshire Council this year, the couples were treated to a nostalgic trip back to 1962 when they tied the knot with images of their big day flashed up on a giant screen in the banqueting hall at council headquarters in Hamilton.

Thomas & Agnes Kinvig.'Kilsyth

Thomas & Agnes Kinvig.'Kilsyth

And as well as dancing the afternoon away to the sounds of the 60s, the couples went home with a goody bag to remember the big day.

At the event, which was spread over three days to accommodate everyone who wished to attend, South Lanarkshire’s Provost, Eileen Logan, said: “I am delighted so many of you could make it along so that both North and South Lanarkshire councils can recognise the remarkable milestone that is 50 years of marriage.

“Over those years you must have worked very hard to make it work and in so doing have set a great standard for the next generation to aim for.

“I am sure everyone here can still remember their big day well day and I am sure you will also remember some of the other major events of 1962.

“On the music front - Acker Bilk’s Stranger On The Shore became the first British recording to be No1 in US while at home the big hits of the year were Ray Charles - I Can’t Stop Loving You; Neil Sedaka - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do; Elvis Presley - Good Luck Charm and Sam Cooke was Twistin’ The Night Away.

“Around the world - Andy Warhol was making Campbell’s Soup Cans famous, Apartheid was condemned by UN and the Mona Lisa was valued at US$100 million

“Meanwhile, closer to home Britain agreed to buy Polaris and PM Harold Macmillan dismissed 1/3 of his Cabinet in the infamous Night of Long Knives.

“The term personal computer was first mentioned in the media, the short lived Panda Crossing was launched and 600,000 tuned in to watch the even shorter-lived Sonny Liston and Floyd Patterson world title fight.

“And on the big screen there was Lawrence of Arabia, To Kill a Mockingbird, Cape Fear and The Longest Day.

“Couples celebrating their longest day included Juan Carlos of Spain and Greek Princess Sophia, Sean Connery and Diane Cilento, Sandra Knight and Jack Nicholson, Rex Harrison and Rachel Roberts, Janet Leigh and Robert Brandt and John Lennon secretly married Cynthia Powell.

“But there is nothing secret about your marriages - after 50 years - you know a lot about each other but I bet you still surprise each other and will continue to do so in the years to come.”

And North Lanarkshire’s Provost Jim Robertson, who jointly hosted the event added: “Both North and South Lanarkshire councils are delighted to have this opportunity to celebrate this special year in your lives.

“Reaching a half-century of marriage is a wonderful achievement and I would like to congratulate each and every one of you for the commitment and dedication you have shown to each other.

“I hope today provides an opportunity for you to share with some of the other couples your own memories from what was quite a momentous year.

“Fifty years together is a huge accomplishment and deserves to be celebrated and I hope you all enjoy many more happy years together!

“I hope you all enjoy your day – you deserve it!”