Cumbernauld community champion makes Carbrain smile

She’s a lady who is always associated with Carbrain and is so very heavily involved in so many of the area’s good causes.

But the reason we are featuring Alice Homer this week is because she makes so many people smile.

Carbrain and Hillcrest Community Council’s Angi Inch recognised this when she nominated the 75-year-old great-grandmother for our Smile Award.

Angi said: “Alice is an obvious choice. She has not been too well recently but you just have to look at all the things she does for Carbrain.’’

The recent Gala Day was one such example but of course there are plenty more.

Angi said: “Alice is the heart and soul of our community council and without that community council there would be no christmas party for the children, no improvements to Carbrain Gully and the playpark next to it.

“She’s also started up the Carbrain Learning Trust in the Wallbrae Community Rooms and has really embraced the Polish community that we have down here.

“Alice really has truly given a lot of people down here down in Carbrain something to smile about!’’ added Angi,

Although Alice is using motorised scooter after a recent injury to her leg, she battles on as her voluntary work continues.

Originally from Fife, Alice first settled in Abronhill and moved away from the town for a while before returning 15 years ago. That was the point she started making the contribution to her community that’s been recognised through this scheme.

Of her nomination she said: ‘‘My first thought was ‘who the hell’s done that but yes, it’s a wee boost!

‘‘I’m not finished yet though! There’s an awful lot I still want to achieve in Carbrain and I hope that I’ll be able to do that.’’