Cumbernauld dodges Carbuncle tag

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Cumbernauld will not be among the Scottish towns in line to receive the notorious Carbuncle Award this year, it’s been confirmed.

The town has been a fixture on the shortlist since the competition began in 2004 and has won it twice. However, organisers have told us that voting patterns in the competition have taken the focus away from Cumbernauld this year.

John Glenday of Urban Realm magazine that organises the contest said that the local community had played a big part in helping the town sidestep the shortlist.

In January, a group of locals had joined forces with the publication for a special architectural seminar which saw them map out their aspirations for the future of the town - a process which also involved the News and Chronicle.

He said: “Cumbernauld town centre may still not be beautiful - and there remains much that is wrong, but there is hope. For that reason alone it could not be named a Carbuncle town in 2013,’’ he added.

The news has been greeted by one of the men who took part in the seminar, Cumbernauld Environmental Society’s Bobby Johnstone.

He said: “It’s fantastic news. I’m delighted - but no one group can take credit for this.

“It really marked an effort by the whole community.’’