Cumbernauld homeowner shocked by gas central heating quote

Eddie Muldoon with the disputed bill for the gas work
Eddie Muldoon with the disputed bill for the gas work

SOME homeowners in Tarbolton Road have been left out in the cold by work which was intended to do exactly the opposite.

Residents living in a blocks of flats there received letters on February 14 stating that energy company Fulcrum was to carry out work to install piping for gas central heating.

The correspondence included initial estimates for the work, stating they were subject to survey, of £500 for a ground floor property and £900 for upper floor residences.

However, in April, quotes for the work were received, asking for £570.50 for ground floor flats and £1625 for first and second floor properties.

Eddie Muldoon (68), who owns a ground floor and second floor flat, was astonished by the figures.

He said: “I just looked at it and couldn’t believe it.

“You expect it might be a little more expensive than the initial estimate - I was thinking it might be about £1100 or so - but certainly not that much.

“We phoned them and they said they had received a number of complaints and to leave it with them. After not hearing from them for a few weeks we phoned back and were basically told that’s it, take it or leave it.”

Eddie believes that, like him, many homeowners will want to switch to gas central heating, but will be put off by the cost.

He continued: “That’s just to get the piping installed.

“On top of that you’ve got to get a contractor in to actually fit the gas central heating system.

“I’ve got quotes in the region of £2500 to £3500, so all in all, for an upper floor flat, you’re talking a total of about £4500.“

And he added: “For a family on a modest income supporting children, where are they going to find that kind of money?”

The News and Chronicle contacted energy firm Fulcrum for a comment on the situation, but the company had not responded by the time we went to press yesterday (Tuesday).