Cumbernauld lawyer and Labour blogger in Twitter storm

TOP Lawyer and Labour blogger Ian Smart has spent the last week denying he is racist - after making a reference to “Poles and Pakis” on an anti-Independence Tweet.

Thursday, 16th May 2013, 3:00 pm

Mr Smart whose practise is in Cumbernauld Town Centre has faced denunciation from pro-Independence campaigners and even his own brother.

His controversial tweet suggested that an independent Scotland would turn on minority group as he believes financial hardship would kick in as a result of a Yes vote. However,local members of the Yes Campaign have branded this “outrageous”. Scottish nationalist councillor Patrick Scott Hogg who heads up the group said: “Mr Smart should apologise to the Scottish people. He insults all the people of Scotland by implying that the public would turn on these groups if Independence failed to deliver more jobs.”

Mr Smart said he had been misunderstood throughout but has admitted that he should have put the references to the ethnic groups in quotes as the terminology can be considered offensive. He stressed he has a lifelong involvement in 
anti-racist causes.