Cumbernauld man targeted in email hoax scam

Douglas Logan, victim of a sophisticated  internet scam
Douglas Logan, victim of a sophisticated internet scam

HORRIFIED friends and business contacts of a Cumbernauld community activist received a shock email telling them that he had been mugged on a trip to Spain.

The email asked them to wire money to a Western Union address so that the victim - 64-year-old Douglas Logan - could fly back home as the “muggers” had taken every last cent.

In fact, Douglas was safe and well and conducting an audio visual presentation at a funeral in Kirkintilloch Baptist Church where he is a member – at the point when he was said to be penniless in Valencia.

Hours later, Douglas - who is highly computer literate - managed to get in touch with contacts to let them know the matter was now in the hands of police.

Said Douglas: “Unusually, it was my Gmail account that was hacked into and it has caused considerable chaos that I am still trying to sort out.”

The incident has led to police calls for computer users to be extra vigilant.

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