Cumbernauld school launches travel plan

CHILDREN at a Cumbernauld school have been behind the launch of an ambitious initiative which aims to make the streets safer for walking and cycling – as an alternative to the ‘‘school run’’.

Thursday, 9th June 2011, 5:00 pm

Ravenswood Primary is counting on its pupils to show the way to parents who may be using their cars for too-short journeys thus causing traffic congestion and road safety issues around the school.

Staff were sensing that pupils would prefer to keep the car out the equation and after doing a far-reaching online survey, it transpired the youngsters DID want to make their own way to the school.

Pupils were encouraged to drive the message home by creating their own road safety posters – and prizes were dished out at a very special school assembly on Friday – which included special guests from North Lanarkshire Council roads and traffic department, Councillor William Homer and Cumbernauld Police.

Interspersed with lively musical interludes, the children read out their personal manifestos for the project which incorporates a strong ‘‘green’’ theme - which fits with Ravenswood as an ECO and a Health Promoting School.

Teacher Irene Cook said: “The children have been very enthusiastic about this – they knew they were going to be doing the survey. They have really enjoyed themselves.”

Irene’s view is that the youngsters are good at conveying their road safety message to parents because of their genuine enthusiasm – and like to chat about it at home!