Cumbernauld school praised in report

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education has praised Westfield Primary and nursery class - while singling out the “strong leadership” of head teacher Carol Ellington.

Westfield scored highly in the Particular Strengths category for its attainment in English and maths.

Inspectors also praised the attention that staff are paying to the children’s care and welfare - while showing the same level of attention to pupils with additional support needs.

The report also praised staff commitment to sharing good practise and improving childrens’ learning experiences and stated that the children were “well behaved and respectful.’’

A sole recommendation was that staff should continue to develop the curriculum ‘‘taking the increased expectations of the curriculum for excellence into consideration.”

The report has provided the school with a real morale booast and Mrs Ellington said she was “absolutely delighted”, adding: “It all comes down to the commitment of staff and our wonderful pupils.”