Cumbernauld sheltered housing becomes magnet for thugs

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Police have stepped up patrols in a part of Cumbernauld where a high proportion of elderly and vulnerable people live in sheltered housing.

Officers have been dealing with a disturbing upsurge of disorder in the Hillcrest area that borders the town centre. Its central location makes it a perfect dwelling place for senior citizens and the disabled but it is acting as a magnet for boozed up underage drinkers.

Officers have even had to involve the council’s social work department after one elderly man had his windows broken, simply because he refused to give thugs money.

Alice Homer of Carbrain and Hillcrest Community Council said: “It is intimidating and frightening and I believe it is linked to adults buying these young people drink. When police arrive they disappear but two minutes later, they’re back when police are gone.”

Mrs Homer also believes older boys are encouraging younger lads to be verbally abusive to passers-by.

She added: “The truth is it is not just Hillcrest. We have a big problem in Carbrain. It isn’t just the elderly who are being targeted and I think we should be having a meeting with the police to see what can be done to help the residents.”