Cumbernauld slimmer Nicola praises sensible eating plan

Nicola after her weight loss and, below, before
Nicola after her weight loss and, below, before

A CUMBERNAULD woman has credited her local slimming club with opening her eyes to a weight loss technique that helped her to shed nearly two stone

Nicola Lappin (42) said: “I have been overweight most of my adult life and suddenly realised I was 40, fat and frumpy when a leaflet for my local Slimming World class dropped through my letterrbox.

Nicola before

Nicola before

“The class was warm and friendly, I could set my own personal achievement target – and with food optimising I would never feel hungry again.

“Before, I was constantly snacking on junk food but now with food optimising I can enjoy a full cooked breakfast, baked potato for lunch and healthy meals like fish and chips or spaghetti bolognese for dinner.

“For the first time I was following a plan with no weighing and measuring and enjoying meals suitable for the whole family.

“I have lost almost two stone and can now enjoy outdoor activities and days out with family and friends with confidence and enthusiasm, instead of feeling self-concious and constantly out of breath.”

Nicola added: “I have enjoyed attending my class in the Link on a Wednesday morning so much that it has inspired me to open my own class in The Maltings, Abronhill, on a Tuesday night. I can’t wait to help other people lose weight as easily as myself by sticking to the plan.”

Nicola’s sensible eating plan

Breakfast: lean bacon, beans, egg mushroom and tomato

Lunch: Chunky minestrone soup with wholemeal bread. Snack: yogurt and fruit

Dinner Spagetti Bolognese. Snack: Kit-Kat.