Cumbernauld tax workers given jobs assurance

HMRC building at Cumbernauld
HMRC building at Cumbernauld

A Cumbernauld politician has welcomed assurances that local tax workers and other civil servants will have their jobs safeguarded if Scotland becomes independent.

The Scotland’s Future white paper states that people currently employed by Westminster would have their jobs transferred to the new Scottish Government.

Mr Hepburn said: “Different sections of the White Paper will have greater relevance for different people and I would urge everyone to take the opportunity to familiarise themselves with what the document has to say.

“The HMRC Tax Office in Cumbernauld is an important local employer and I think the information regarding the role of public servants will no doubt be of interest to those working there and their families.

“The assurances provided that an independent Scotland will require and support a vibrant and highly skilled civil service are to be welcomed, but of course only reflect the common sense position. It only makes sense that we will need the skillset of those employed at HMRC.’’