Cumbernauld tenants decanted to new flats

Maggie Henderson and husband Hugh are happy in their new home
Maggie Henderson and husband Hugh are happy in their new home

CUMBERNAULD’S second generation of social housing is up and running – after residents finally made themselves at home in their new two-bedroom apartments.

The first 30 households have been decanted across from the landmark high flats which have dominated Cumbernauld’s skyline for for four decades.

The residents are now living in the newest block of flats in Cumbernauld – a £1.7 million development in Fleming Road. The block has been developed and managed by Sanctuary Cumbernauld.

The Scottish Government recently gave the organisation a grant award of £3.2 million to buy out 100 flat owners by the end of next month.

Sanctuary owns 230 of the 556 flats in the town’s 12 blocks, but will own 300 by March 31.

Residents are being invited to visit a show flat on-site so they can view the remainder of properties up for grabs. It is hoped that a total of 400 new homes can be created.

Gordon Laurie, Sanctuary’s Scottish director, said: “We are thrilled that the development is now occupied.

“These flats are an example of the high quality housing all the high-rise tenants and residents could find themselves in if our regeneration plans come to fruition.”

He added: “They were understandably sought and could have been filled in twice over.”

Among the first to move were Hugh Henderson (74) and his 63-year-old wife Maggie.

Hugh said: “We are absolutely delighted. We can feel the warmth of the gas central heating, not the damp we had in the high rise.

“Our old flat was so cold we often needed jackets and rain poured in between the wall panels. Thankfully we don’t need to worry about that now,” he added.

Their neighbour Jane Cross (50) added: “It’s no exaggeration to say that the difference is huge. I’m delighted to be living here.’’